thatpotteryguy (thatpotteryguy) wrote,

A boy and his chickens

It was very damp and windy and consequently uncomfortable yesterday in the chicken coops. At one point when I went out to check for eggs, I thought that we were missing a hen. Upon further investigation, I found Lucy, one of our Barred Cornish Rocks, cuddling with Pineapple, one of the bantam Wheatens.

You can just see some of Pineapples's feather peeking out from under Lucy's wing. Both, incidentally, were laying an egg, which explains why Pineapple didn't get up and kick Lucy's ass. Normally, the banties are higher on the pecking order than the Rocks - occasionally Lucy or Ethel will step on one of them, and a righteous ass-kicking ensues. Usually, the bantam jumps up on the offender's back and proceeds to peck them in the head until they submit.

Now all of the hens have laid at least one egg. The Refugee Chickens, Stella and Sparkly, are only laying very occasionally, but everyone else seems be pretty regular, and we're getting 5-6 eggs a day. Soon, we'll have to start providing them to other people - as the weather warms up and the days get longer, they will lay with greater frequency.
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