HMS Fail

At the !!!KABOOM!!!! the time will be...8:00.

So, I have learned from the EK list that there won't be a morning cannon this year. I'm not going to sum ip the argument. Instead, I have only one thing to point out. "Dude? Eight o'clock is just not that early...if you're that hung over, or you couldn't be bothered to go to bed before dawn, that's your problem, not mine."
We Are The French

Stuff at Storvik

Aside from a few new pieces of pottery, I will have at Storvik Novice tourney lots of eggs (3 dollars a dozen) and a Cubic Shitload (tm) of DMC embroidery floss from cleaning out my Grandmother's house. Literally a couple hundred skeins. Embroiderers come by and offer me the monies for them.
We Are The French

Eggs this weekend

Anyone coming to Defending The Gate this weekend who might like some eggs...we have a surplus. $3.00 buys you a dozen fresh, free-range, naturally raised eggs from chickens who, if they could just get out of the pen, would happily knock over and devour your cat.

Pottery for MTA

Mustard Jars = Done.
Tating serving ware = in the kiln.
Soup bowls = done.
Candlestick = done.
Inkwell = done.
Apthecary jars = in the kiln.
Gargoulette = in the kiln.
Oules = done.

Now, if Aftosa comes through on my cork order, I'll be all set.
We Are The French

Mud To The A**

For those planning on attending MTA, either as Indiginous Personnel or as tourons, do you need anything? I'll be there in my capacity as LaBelle Camp Cooker, but I can easily bring along random items of desire; pitchers, curfews, etc. Let me know now, 'cause Mud Through the Ages is thundering down upon us like a giant, thundering thing.
HMS Fail

Snowpocalypse Redux

It's about 11:00 just started snowing again. Big, fat flakes drifitng gently down....

The chickens are tarped over, wood is hauled in for the woodstove, and everything that can be done has been done.

New Pics of Pottery

So, my new Photo Studio Inna Box arrived this morning. I've been playing around with taking pictures of pottery, with the intent of eventually creating an Etsy store. Here are a few examples. Tell me what you think.

I'm going to be experimenting with backgrounds - this was a peice of green linen I had lying around, and it contrasts nicely with the colors of the clay. I also will need fairly soon to get a better camera - this is an obsolete 3.2 megapixel artifact.

My hope (long-term) is generate some "between-show" income from online sales. I'm also thinking that it is a good venue for some of my more mainstream and commercial stuff.

New stuff for Birka - Pics!

Here are requested pics of the new stuff for Birka. They're not all that great - I'm in a hurry and am using the phone on my camera.

The first jug on the left is a London-type Rouen-copy conical drinking jug. It's pretty large, over a quart, and it's London-type redware decorated with white applique and black underglaze slip. Next is a Danish jug from the Kalmar Museum, dated to the mid 14thC. It's a little old-fashioned, in that is looks much like what the Yorkshire and Norman French potters were doing in the late 13thC. The major difference is the reversal of colors - most English and French wares of this type were redware with white applique and slipwork. The medallions are stamped, and the red rim is an added coil (since the photos I saw offered no clue as to the methodology of that rim). Finally, there is a London Coarsewares-type chafing dish, done in a shell-tempered groggy earthenware. The glaze on the top half really makes the shell temper pop out - it must vitrify the calcium carb in the shells and make them expand.

These are a new (for me) type of server. They are a typical small-ish dish, suitable for one or two pieces, but they are flanged so that one can sit upside down over another, and they can be used for keeping a dish warm on the way to the table. We see in the Lutrell Psalter and other manuscripts similar systems being used for serving head tables, so I thought I'd make up a few and see how they work. These will be sold as pairs.

That's it for now. I'll try to post more of what I'm working on after I get back from Birka. Everybody stay warm and safe.

A boy and his chickens

It was very damp and windy and consequently uncomfortable yesterday in the chicken coops. At one point when I went out to check for eggs, I thought that we were missing a hen. Upon further investigation, I found Lucy, one of our Barred Cornish Rocks, cuddling with Pineapple, one of the bantam Wheatens.

You can just see some of Pineapples's feather peeking out from under Lucy's wing. Both, incidentally, were laying an egg, which explains why Pineapple didn't get up and kick Lucy's ass. Normally, the banties are higher on the pecking order than the Rocks - occasionally Lucy or Ethel will step on one of them, and a righteous ass-kicking ensues. Usually, the bantam jumps up on the offender's back and proceeds to peck them in the head until they submit.

Now all of the hens have laid at least one egg. The Refugee Chickens, Stella and Sparkly, are only laying very occasionally, but everyone else seems be pretty regular, and we're getting 5-6 eggs a day. Soon, we'll have to start providing them to other people - as the weather warms up and the days get longer, they will lay with greater frequency.